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The preservation of the cultural monument Moritzbastei is the stated aim of the Moritzbastei Foundation. Since both the Moritzbastei Foundation and the Moritzbastei Betriebs GmbH are non-profit organisations - our cultural organisation is self-financed and hence business-oriented - neither the Foundation nor the GmbH can accept donations. Nonetheless, you can still help us preserve the unique Moritzbastei as a historical, cultural, and precious monument in Leipzig.

Since 2009, we have a reliable associate from the Cultural Foundation Leipzig who manages donations.  The donations raised are transferred to an account of the Cultural Foundation. The Cultural Foundation supervises that the donations are only spent for the specific purpose of monument preservation. Hence you can be assured that your donation assists the preservation of Moritzbastei and cannot be used for the Moritzbastei Betriebs GmbH's regular business operations.

The donations raised are used to conserve the historic Electoral coat of arms hanging on Moritzbastei. Since 2011 an artistic model replicate of the coat of harms is hanging on the park-facing outer wall of Moritzbastei. The original, following its preservation in accordance with the Department for the protection of historical monuments and the Local History Museum of Leipzig, will be stored at an appropriate location.

The Leipzig Cultural Foundation's Donations Account
Your donations will be used for the preservation of the monument Moritzbastei.

Account 11 00 800 600
BLZ (Bank Identification Number) 860 555 92
Sparkasse Leipzig
Designated use: Cultural Monument Moritzbastei

The names of all the donors so far can be found on the thank you list.

Help keep local history alive!

The cultural monument Moritzbastei belongs to the prominent historical monuments in the city of Leipzig.  Its name is a courtesy of the Electorate Moritz of Saxony, who executed its construction in the years 1551-54.  Alongside Hieronymus Lotter, the architect of the old city hall, Johann C. F. Dauther, the architect of the first Leipzig Gewandhaus, was immortalised in Moritzbastei.  During the construction of the first Leipzig public school on Moritzbastei grounds, he established the stately upper cellar.

Moritzbastei - The location for civic involvement

The construction of the public school on Moritzbastei grounds is owed to the commitment of Leipzig's merchants and citizens over 200 years ago. Even the reconstruction of the Bastei, after its destruction in the Second World War, is owed to the dedication of many thousands of helpers. It was students of the former Karl-Marx- University, who, of their own accord, in 8 years construction time and nearly 150.000 voluntary labour hours, saved Moritzbastei from degradation as a monument for Leipzig. This unique project justifies how, to this day, the "MB" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the citizens of Leipzig.

Means of Contact

For detailed information about the restoration please feel free to contact us.  We are also happy to discuss any other forms of assistance!

Contact Moritzbastei:
Torsten Reitler
Tel: 0341 - 70 25 915

Contact Cultural Foundation Leipzig:
Christine Mager
Tel: 0341 - 21 18 518