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History after 1943

nach 1943
The burnt-out ruins of the female school are torn down, and only a mountain of rubble remains. On the grounds of the Moritzbastei a hill overgrown with shrubs and young trees arises.

1960er Jahre
In the course of planning the reconstruction of the
Augustusplatz deliberations of including Moritzbastei arise. Hence, plans for a Hungarian wine bar are handed down.

The foundation stone for the reconstruction of the University is laid down.
Rector Prof. Winkler asks the city's architects "to what extent may Moritzbastei be utilised as a club for the students of all of Leipzig's higher educational institutions".

The FDJ Leadership (Free German Youth) of the University initialises the student project Moritzbastei. The University administration is sceptical, but the city council decides in May 1973, to hand over the property Moritzbastei to the Karl-Marx-University and under their supervision to develop it into a club for the working youth and students.

Page 1: History of Moritzbastei 1551-1943
Page 2: History after 1943
Page 3: From the reconstruction until the reunification 1973-1990
Page 4: The Moritzbastei Foundation after 1993