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History of Moritzbastei

Moritzbastei is the last preserved piece of the old Leipzig city fortifications. Since its construction in the years 1551-1553, it can reminisce on an eventful history. 

HISTORY 1553-1943

After Leipzig was besieged in 1547 in the Schmalkaldic War
Elector Moritz of Saxony gave his protégé Hieronymus Lotter the assignment of developing the Leipzig city fortifications.
For the protection of the city gates three corner bastions are built - the Rannische Bastion (Ranstädtler Gate), the Hallische Bastion (Hallisches Gate), as well as the Peters Bastion for the protection of the Peters Gate.  This one was later named after Elector Moritz by the general populace.

After being stormed for the first time in the
Thirty Years' War, Moritzbastei loses its military function in the Seven Years' War. From 1763 onwards the city fortification construction is abraded, and in 1770 Moritzbastei's superstructures removed. The cellars are rented out to craftsmen.

On the walls of Moritzbastei, according to the plans of 
Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe the first non-denominational Public School in Germany is established. At the same time the courts of the bastion are backfilled. The upper cellar originates as basement vaults supporting the school building.

During the 
Battle of the Nations near Leipzig wounded Russian soldiers are given shelter in the school.

On the 10th of December, the Leipzig Art Society opens the "Municipal Museum" in the rooms of the public school, the precursor of today's
Museum of Fine Arts.

The public school is converted into the
"State School for Female Professions". It bears the name "St. Annen-School”. 

The St. Annen-School is used as the 
"Community warehouse of the city of Leipzig" for foreign and forced labour.

During the 
Air strikes upon Leipzig on the 4th of Dezember the female school, alongside big parts of the inner city, is destroyed. 

Page 1: History of Moritzbastei 1551-1943
Page 2: History after 1943

Page 3: From the reconstruction until the reunification 1973-1990

Page 4: The Moritzbastei Foundation after 1993