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Our wine bar is a popular venue to retreat to, out of the clamour and bustle of cultural life in the vaults.


Guests will not only find a serene brightly-lit atmosphere, but also a congenial selection of international wines. 


Whilst, in the 70ies, students were renovating Moritzbastei, old buildings in other corners of the city had fallen victim to demolition. Amongst them, the house on the Münzgasse, which accommodated the student bar, steeped in tradition, "Zum Schwalbennest" (to the swallow's nest).


However, resourceful students saved the beer taps and entrance sign, and re-equipped them into the wine bar in Moritzbastei, which hence still carries the name "Schwalbennest". A quiet retreat in the often culturally hectic Moritzbastei, where one can unwind, snack and browse. Or let a premium drop, out of the range of international wines on offer, trickle down your throat. The wines range from domestic and European grapes all the way through to Australian and South American wines.

Wine Bar Schwalbennest in Moritzbastei. Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 12 noon, Sunday only during events. Phone: 0341-7025931

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